Plan Preparation

Typically, the lead agency will prepare the written plan. This is certainly not a requirement, but whoever is assigned must have the necessary skills and resources to gather the previous planning results and place them in an understandable and functional format. Ideally, a CRR plan should include:

Common Elements (graphic)
Figure 6: Common Elements in a CRR Plan
  • An outline of the vision, mission, values, and priorities.
  • Description of the community and/or service area.
  • Identification of the fire and/or EMS risks, and a ranking of their priority.
  • The goals and expectations of the program.
  • A list and description of the prevention and mitigation strategies that will be employed.
  • Detailed steps and descriptions for implementation.
    • Should include identification of the resources required, and how they will be allocated.
    • A timeline with identified milestones, including the date the plan will be implemented.
    • A list of program responsibilities, and who will assigned to them.
  • A description of the measures that will be used for monitoring and evaluation of the program.