Components of a CRR Plan

As described previously in the Risk Assessment Guide, CRR planning typically consists of a six-step approach. The final four steps in the planning continuum will be presented in this text. Current literature and CRR training materials promote this approach, but other organizations have developed alternative methods.

Six Steps of the CRR Planning Process

Figure 1: Six Steps of the CRR Planning Process

  1. Identify Risks
  2. Prioritize Risks
  3. Develop Strategies & Tactics to Mitigate Risks
  4. Prepare the Community Risk Reduction Plan
  5. Implement the Community Risk Reduction Plan
  6. Monitor, Evaluate, & Modify CRR Plan

Identification & Prioritization

Once the assessment has been completed and the various community risks identified and the priorities determined, the results should all have been documented for use in the remaining planning process. Such a document does not necessarily need to be complicated, but in a clear and concise format that enables the reader to understand the risks and those that should have the highest priority.

Develop Mitigation Strategies & Tactics

This part of the process requires brainstorming with a variety of individuals involved, including those most affected by the risk. Essentially, it will require difficult decisions to determine what tactics and strategies will be necessary to prevent and/or mitigate those risks with the highest priority.

Prepare the CRR Plan

Once the risks have been identified and prioritized, and strategies and tactics determined for prevention and mitigation, it will be necessary to develop a written plan. Ideally, the plan will consist of a several elements (discussed in detail later), but it need not be complicated if resources are limited.

Implement the CRR Plan

Implementing the plan usually involves several steps. The process should include timelines, which can be quick and focused or slow and methodical. Plan implementation may rely on the fire department, community partners or a combination of both.

Monitor, Evaluate & Modify the CRR Plan

The final step in the process involves monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the plan, and making adjustments as necessary. This enables the organization to determine if they are achieving their desired goals and/or if the plan is or is not having an impact. Ongoing monitoring allows for plan modifications in a timely manner.