All participants, as well as members of your department, must understand their role in the CRR program. Even those within your organization who will not participate directly in the program should have a basic knowledge of the plan. Take the time necessary to provide all members of your department and other key stakeholders—not directly involved in the program—a basic overview of the CRR plan. If approached by members of the community, they should be able to provide a simple explanation of the program.

Man speaking at a community education event.

Courtesy Fort Wayne (IN) Fire Department

Inform the Community

To the extent possible, keep the community informed of the plan, and when you intend on implementing it. The success of your program will likely have a lot to do with positive public support. Community concerns can often be overcome by the act of firefighters engaging citizens. Not only can this contribute to the success of the CRR program, it can lead to the added benefit of increased rapport between the fire department and the community.