Chart divided into five stages, each with a set of activites and, a purpose, and an outcome.

Step 1: Getting Ready
Understand Risk Reduction
Accept Personal Responsibility
Develop Personal Vision
Evaluate Authority and Politics

These steps constitute Building Support, and lead to the outcome “Champion of Risk Reduction”

Step 2: Assessment
Analyze Community
Assess Vulnerability
Establish Priorities Based on Rated Risk
Identify Stakeholders and Create Community Group
Define Acceptable Level of Risk
Create Problem Statement and Goal

These steps constitute “Building Organizational Equity”, and lead to the outcome “Community Partnerships”.

Step Three: PlanningStep Four: Implementation
Monitor and Collect Data
Quality Control
Track Short-Term Effects

These steps constitute “Engaging the Community” and lead to the outcome of an “Engaged Community”.

Step 5: Results
Track Long-Term Effects
Analyze Results
Report Results

These steps constitute Building Community Equity, and lead to the outcome “Improved Quality of Life”.

At the completion of step 5, you can return to step 2 to recycle the process.

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